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DJI Avata 2 Fly More Combo (3 Batteries)

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Fly More Combo Includes:

• DJI RC Motion 3
• DJI Goggles 3
• 2 Additional Batteries + Charging Hub


Get amped with the DJI Avata 2, a game-changing FPV drone that surpasses its predecessor in every way. Featuring a new 4K camera, refreshed design, and new peripherals, the DJI Avata 2 offers incredibly immersive flight experiences. With unique acrobatic abilities, up to 23 minutes of flight time, and advanced safety features, this drone is as thrilling as it is fun to fly.

The exhilarating DJI Avata 2 delivers an unmatched FPV experience with improved imaging, safety, and battery life. Amp up the excitement by pairing the Avata 2 with the new DJI Goggles 3 and DJI RC Motion 3 for an enhanced flight adventure.

Key Features

  • 1/1.3″ CMOS Super-Wide-Angle Camera
  • 4K/60fps HDR Videos
  • 10-bit D-Log M Color Mode
  • Downward/Backward Visual Positioning
  • 23-Min Max Flight Time The drone supports PD fast charging.
  • DJI O4 Video Transmission
  • Max Transmission Distance: 13 kmˆ
  • Max Transmission Bitrate: 60Mbpsˆˆ
  • 46GB Large Internal Storage High-Speed QuickTransfer

Experience the Thrill of DJI Avata 2

FPV Flight Experience Get ready for an unparalleled FPV experience with the DJI Avata 2. Equipped with DJI Goggles 3, featuring HD micro-OLED displays and low video latency, you can enjoy Real View PiP for situational awareness without removing the goggles.

Easy ACRO with RC Motion 3 The DJI RC Motion 3 controller enables stunning flying acrobatics with a simple push, including front/back flips, sideways rolls, and 180° drifts. This intuitive motion-based flight control puts the power of flight in your hands.

Tight Shots in Super-Wide 4K Capture the excitement of flight with crisp 4K/60fps HDR video. The 1/1.3-inch image sensor expands the dynamic range, handling low light more effectively for amazing footage. Enjoy a 155° ultra-wide-angle FOV that enhances low-altitude, high-speed flying, and supports 10-bit D-Log M video capture for easy editing.

Built-in Propeller Guard and Turtle Mode Avata 2 combines the body and propeller guard for enhanced protection, making it lighter and more agile to showcase your skills. If it ever flips over, Turtle mode automatically flips it back into takeoff position, so you can get airborne again quickly.

Immersive Views with DJI Goggles 3 Experience the sky with the new DJI Goggles 3 headset. It features a comfortable, user-friendly design, integrated battery, and 1080p micro-OLED displays. The new Picture-in-Picture viewing adds safety and convenience.

Binocular Fisheye Visual Positioning Binocular fisheye sensors enable downward and backward visual positioning for low-altitude and indoor flights, enhancing stability and safety.

Cinematic Magic With One Tap With the LightCut app, use One-Tap Edit and a range of templates in post to easily create engaging aerial footage.

Feel the Rush Thanks to its aerodynamic airframe, the DJI Avata 2 offers up to 23 minutes of thrilling flight per battery. Enjoy longer and faster flights with speeds up to 97 KM/h when piloted using DJI FPV Controller 3.

Action-Ready Camera With an upgraded 1/1.3” CMOS sensor that captures sensational 4K/60fps HDR footage, the DJI Avata 2 sports the best camera on an FPV drone. RockSteady and HorizonSteady EIS support ensure your shots always remain smooth.

Premium Protection Flying a drone as fast as Avata 2 can be daunting, but it comes packed with safety features for peace of mind. It is the only DJI drone to feature a built-in propeller guard and automatic RTH when the battery gets low.

All New Acrobatics The DJI Avata 2’s Easy ACRO abilities allow for spectacular mid-air flips and rolls with a single push, adding extra impact to your footage. Complete 360° frontflips, backflips, and lateral drifts with ease.

Get ready to elevate your flight experience with the DJI Avata 2 – where immersive views, stunning acrobatics, and cinematic visuals combine for an unforgettable adventure.

Whats in the box:

1 x DJI Avata 2
1 x DJI Goggles 3
1 x DJI RC Motion 3
3 x DJI Avata 2 Intelligent Flight Battery
1 x DJI Avata 2 Two-Way Charging Hub
1 x DJI Sling Bag
4 x DJI Avata 2 Propellers (Pair)
16 x DJI Avata 2 Propeller Screw
1 x DJI Avata 2 Gimbal Protector
1 x DJI Goggles 3 Foam Padding
1 x DJI Goggles 3 Additional Forehead Pad
1 x DJI Goggles 3 -2.0D Corrective Lenses (Pair)
1 x USB-C OTG Cable
1 x Type-C to Type-C PD Cable
1 x DJI RC Motion 3 Lanyard
1 x Screwdriver


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Product Specifications

Barcode (GTIN) 6941565980120

Product Type New Machines

Brand DJI

Weight1.97 Kg

Warranty1 year

Battery InfoLi-ion 2150 mAh

Battery Lifeup to 10 hours

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