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Ecovacs N8 Pro Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Grade A *REFURBISHED*

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Grade A - Refurbished: Some minor marks, in excellent visual presentation.
Grade B - Refurbished: Various marks and wear, in good visual presentation.
Grade C - Refurbished Deep marks and wear, in average visual presentation.

Please note the refurbishment Grade only applies to the visual presentation of the machine, not the functionality of the machine
All refurbished products have had a full functionality check. 

The supplied photos are stock photos of the product and not representative of the refurbished product been offered.

All refurbished products come with a 6-month product warranty and come with:
  • New Filter
  • New Main Brush
  • New Side Brushes
  • Mop Plate and Mop Tank
  • Spare Mop Pad
  • Spare Side Brushes
  • Spare Filter

DEEBOT N8 PRO is the most cost-effective RVC which is equipped with the most advanced TrueDetect 3D obstacle avoidance technology delivering a powerful in-depth clean without collisions. 

Exceptional TrueDetect 3D technology
The instant 3D obstacle detection and avoidance technology uses structured light technology and 3D scanning algorithm (which is widely applied in advanced facial recognition and mobile payments) to enable DEEBOT N8 PRO to move freely & without collisions.

Millimetre-level detection accuracy
DEEBOT N8 PRO can detect objects in front of it from a distance variation of 4.5 centimetres up to 30 centimetres to obtain high-precision resolution and depth information. It can also detect objects as small as one millimetre, which is 10 times more accurate than traditional infrared technology. This means items such as cables, slippers, pet waste and slim furniture are far less likely to get stuck or tangled, enabling the robot to clean more quickly and smoothly.

Prevention from falling downstairs of a low height
DEEBOT N8 PRO can effortlessly cross obstacles such as doorsills and stairs of up to 20mm. The TrueDetect 3D Technology enables the robot to precisely detect the height of steps up to six centimetres and prevents the robot dropping downstairs and being unable to climb back up when the height of stairs ranges from 20mm to 60mm.

Enhanced dark surface recognition ability
When the robot approaches a dark surface, object or furniture, it will actively slow down to avoid direct collisions and damage. It can also avoid misinterpreting dark carpets as steps.

The Revolutionary Pressure-Retention System
With the optimized suction channel material and design, the Revolutionary Pressure-Retention System optimizes energy efficiency and ensures high vacuum pressure, with a surprisingly low noise level.

Max+ Mode
Max+ Mode option for when you need an intense deep clean. Up to 2600Pa suction power for the most powerful demands.

Vacuums and mops in one go
With an innovative electronic water pump and reservoir, your robot will mop and vacuum at the same time, leaving your floor impeccably clean.

Better mopping performance via the intelligently controlled & unique large water reservoir
With the efficient OZMO™ mopping and its smart water dispersion, you don’t have to continuously stop the cleaning process and add water repeatedly. In addition the OZMO Mopping System has sensors to automatically switch to mopping mode or stop dampening the cloth, so as to guarantee a safe and deep clean. Without the cloth bracket, the water tank will not seep water, even if it’s full of water. In addition, you can switch the water yield to various levels via your mobile App according to your different needs when N8 PRO is mopping.

Carpet detection
Intelligently handles homes with a combination of carpet and hard floors. Flexible and initiative, N8 PRO will instantly detect and react to carpet then choose to boost the power while vacuuming or avoid the carpet during the mopping, finding the best cleaning operation for it.

The revolutionary TrueMapping Technology
TrueMapping laser-based mapping and navigation technology (an aerospace-standard detection technology first adopted for this function in the industry by ECOVACS) creates floor maps in seconds to improve overall cleaning efficiency. DEEBOT N8 PRO can intelligently navigate a user’s home, bringing an intelligent and thorough cleaning experience.

dToF laser based sensors
dToF (Direct Time of Flight) Laser Detection: An aerospace-standard detection technology. Compared with the previous generation of laser guidance technology, N8 PRO has a double-distance detection and four-fold precision to detect objects. The detection distance is up to 10 meters and the objects as small as two millimetres can be detected. Integrated with industry-leading algorithms, N8 PRO can now scan, map, and plan an efficient cleaning path faster and more precisely. Larger family homes particularly benefit as it improves cleaning efficiency and builds more detailed and accurate home cleaning maps.

Multi-floor mapping
Scan and store multiple maps from different floors of your home. The robot will customize its cleaning path once identifying which map it is in. You can also customize which room you’d like the robot to clean on each floor.

Virtual Boundary™
You can block areas away from the robot. Sometimes there are areas of your house you don’t want disturbed. Maintain your privacy and satisfy your cleaning needs by setting virtual boundaries in your home for your robot to clean. By using the ECOVACS Home App you can create virtual boundaries to restrict the robot from entering certain areas.

Precise customized cleaning
You can draw out designated areas that need the most attention on the map of your home. Now, you can even see the exact size of the target cleaning area and let the robot finish the task more precisely. With flexible area cleaning, you can now rename, divide & even merge areas.

App Control
Clean your home anywhere, anytime. App connectivity lets you take control and schedule a clean or monitor your current cleaning status from the palm of your hand.

Smart Home Device Compatibility - Easily control your cleaning
Experience convenient, hands-off controls. If you are a Google Home or Amazon Echo user, you can link your smart home devices to your robot and tell it when and how to start cleaning.

Stress free updates. The intuitive robot manages its own updates using ‘Over The Air’ technology. You can just update your APP to get the functions optimized and extended.

Automatic Charging
Never worry about charging your robot. When the battery runs low, your intelligent robot will automatically return to its Dock Station to charge, all by itself.

Continuous Clean
Forget cleaning range anxiety. When running low on charge, your robot automatically returns to its docking station. Once fully charged, it continues the clean where it left off, giving your home a seamless and superior clean.

Scheduled Cleaning
Never come home to a messy house again. Simply schedule a clean when you're away and let your robot take care of the rest.

Stair Safety Technology
Don’t worry about your robot falling downstairs. It will sense a drop off and will safely reverse away to efficiently continue its clean of your home.

Anti-Collision System
You can feel safe knowing your robot will protect your valuables at home while cleaning. With its Anti-Collision sensors and soft cushion bumpers, your robot will avoid obstacles and protect your furniture.

High Efficiency Air Filter
Breathe easy while your robot cleans. With its High Efficiency Filter, your robot will reduce airborne triggers while vacuuming.

Voice Reporting
Stay in the loop. Your robot will report what it is doing and give you real time updates.

Auto-Empty Station*
Compatible with Auto-Empty Station that empties the DEEBOT N8's dustbin and liberates your hands for up to 30 days. This item is not included and is sold seperately.

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Product Specifications

Product Type Reconditioned

Brand Robot Specialist

Charging Time300min

Auto RechargeYes

Height9.3 cm

Auto Empty BinNo

Mop AttachmentYes

Water Tank Size240ml

Smartphone AppYes

Wifi EnabledYes

Max Climbing Height20mm

Remote ControlYes on app

Carpet BoostYes

Physical Barriers IncludedNo

Artificial IntelligenceYes

No Go ZonesYes

No Mop ZonesYes

Room SelectYes


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