Samsung POWERbot Pro SR10M7030WW Robotic Vacuum Cleaner


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20x more suction power*,
slim design
Wi-Fi Control from your smartphone
Edge Clean Master gets closer into corners
Extra slim to get under more hard-to reach places
Wi-Fi Control from your smartphone
Point Cleaning via remote control
Visionary Mapping finds the best cleaning path
Fullview Sensor 2.0 avoids obstacles
Intelligent Power Control for varied surfaces
Easy Pass Wheels help get over more rugs and doorframes
Automatic recharge when needed

* Times more suction power than our previous SR10F71UB model
20x more suction power*

20x more suction power*

Extra slim, extra powerful

Extra slim, extra powerful

Up to 60 mins cleaning time

Up to 60 mins cleaning time

0.3L Dust Bin Capacity

0.3L Dust Bin Capacity


Powerfully cleans hard-to-reach places

Extra slim, extra powerful

Designed with a slimmer body* without compromising its powerful suction. It generates up to 20x more suction power**, to suck up dust and dirt on carpet and underneath low furniture.

Powerfully cleans hard-to-reach places

* Compared with Samsung POWERbot VR9000 ** Based on internal testing compared with conventional Samsung SR10F71UB.

Cleans well even along wall edges

Edge Clean Master™

Edge Clean Master can clean edges and corners efficiently with a bristle brush that is very close to the front. When it touches a wall the Auto Shutter drops down to create a barrier that helps collect more dust.

Cleans well even along wall edges

Wi-Fi Connectivity

Wi-Fi Control

Remote control the machine using a smartphone App on a compatible device*. With a simple touch you can start or stop the machine, schedule cleaning times and check the cleaning history when you’re away from home.

Control it remotely

*Samsung Smart Home apps are compatible with selected Samsung Galaxy S and Samsung Note series devices. Supports Android™ 4.0 (since Galaxy S2) or higher and iOS7 or higher. Mobile app must be downloaded. Internet connection required. Data charges may apply.

Control it Remotely

Wi-Fi control lets you remotely control the machine using a smartphone App*. POWERbot also works with the Google Assistant** With this virtual personal assistant you can use your voice to start, stop, and charge your robot vacuum.

*Available on compatible Apple and Android phones. Requires Samsung account, app download & wi-fi connection. **Google Assistant compatible with POWERbot VR7000 models. Requires compatible phone, Samsung account, app download & wi-fi connection.

Scans the space, detects obstacles

FullView Sensor™ 2.0

An upgraded, high-performance FullView Sensor™ 2.0 can scan and detect narrow spaces or small obstacles across a wide area. In addition, it can sense room corners and cleans them up to three times.

Optimum power on multi-surfaces

An Intelligent Power Control detects the type of surface and generates the appropriate suction power, generating more suction power over carpets and rugs to work on embedded dust.

*Generates 10% more suction than Normal Mode respectively.

Minimises loss of suction power with CycloneForce

CycloneForce helps minimise loss of suction power. It captures dust and helps prevent the filter from clogging by extracting dirt and debris from the air into an outer chamber.

Prevents the filter from clogging

* Bamsed on internal testing compared with conventional Samsung VR10BTATBB.

Cleans a wider area fast and efficiently

Wide Brush

The wide brush cleans larger areas faster and more efficiently. It has a width of 290mm, which is over 42% larger than conventional 204mm brushes, so it cleans a greater area with less movement in less time.

Cleans a wider area fast and efficiently

Maps & finds the best cleaning path

Visionary Mapping™

A Visionary Mapping™ Plus System finds the optimal route for fast-track cleaning. Using individual high performance smart sensors and an on-board digital camera it determines the most efficient cleaning path by creating a map of your home.

Maps & finds the best cleaning path

Large Wheels for easy manouverability

Easy Pass™

Upgraded Easy Pass™ wheels help the unit easily overcome a range of obstacles, like door frames, so it will keep working while you’re out. Its body is also now 15mm off the ground, so it’s much less likely to get caught on anything than our previous models.

Large Wheels

Choose the best way

Various Cleaning Modes

With various cleaning modes, you can choose the best way to clean in different situations. It has 3 styles of cleaning mode*, 3 types of suction, scheduling modes which you can preset for up to 7 times a week.

Choose the best way

Smart Charge

An Automatic Charge function means that when the battery runs low it automatically moves to the docking station to recharge itself. Once it’s fully recharged it goes back to its last location and resumes cleaning.

Always charged
  • Performance
    • cleaning speed(m/sec)0.32 m/sec
    • Cleaning Time30/60 min
    • Recharging Time240 min
    • Max Consumption Power80 W
    • Charger Max Consumption Power75 W
    • Noise Level72 dBA
  • Battery
    • Battery TypeLi-ion
  • Robotic
    • SensorFullView Sensor™ 2.0
  • General Information
    • Cleaning Width288 mm
    • Main ColorBlack
    • Secondary colourAirborne
    • Button TypeTouch
    • Auto-DockingYes
    • Remote ControlYes
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